AUTO-Drive® Ukrainian Car Rental Company is the biggest car rental network in Ukraine as of present day. We try to join the best world experience in car rental business with perfect knowledge of local specifics and using this to provide you with the right on freedom of motion.

Our aim is to make the car rental services to be available for any person. That's why we emphasize on middle and low rates. You will find a variety of econom class models at all the regional offices. But our offers are not restricted to such kind of models, because we want to satisfy demands of the most exacting customers. You will have the possibility to choose the good balance of rates and class of cars for different events: from everyday matters to special and solemn events.

AUTO-Drive has up to 20 car rental stations all over Ukraine. The network expands and this will allow you to book a car and return it at any car rental station. You can make a reservation of a car using our Web site or by calling to or visiting one of our regional offices mentioned below:

in these cities you can rent a car or motorbike in the official offices of AUTO-Drive and it will allow you to decide transport problems, economize time and enjoy a trip.

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Starting from 25$ per day
 What are you going to drive today?
Starting from 8$ to 1$ per hour